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What is TPO Roofing:

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a very popular low-slope roof system for many applications. TPO roofs are known to protect homes and businesses for many years without problems, so you can rely on it as an excellent choice when looking into your options.

Cool Roofing TPO Options:

A TPO roof system will help keep your building cooler by reflecting the sun's heat back away from it. If you have a darker colored roof now, replacing it with a lighter color TPO Roof might make an immediate difference in your air conditioner's ability to effectively cool your space. A more efficient cooling system can lead to lower energy usage and electric bills.

Easily Maintained:

TPO roof systems are fairly easy to maintain, and that will free up time to do the things you really want to be doing. We recommend that you occasionally check your roof and remove any debris that might be reducing the effectiveness of the TPO system. If your roof has good drainage, it may maintain reflectivity with very little maintenance over the entire lifespan.

Easy to Repair in the Future:

If you experience an issue with leaks during the life of a TPO roof, it is likely that the material can be repaired relatively easily. This means a longer lifespan while reducing ongoing expenses for your roof's maintenance. Call us today to learn more benefits of installing a new TPO roof system to your home or office.


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