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Find Out the Truth About your Roof's Condition

Before you replace your roof, it is best to find out what the problem really is. Our friendly staff will give an honest assessment of your current situation, and we won’t try to sell you a new roof if a repair will solve your problem.

Roofing Contractors are in business to make money, but...

it is possible that all your roof needs is a repair. At C.L. Campbell Construction, we understand that if we are honest and tell you that your roof only needs a repair, you are much more likely to call us when it is time to replace it. Building a relationship with our neighbors is much more important to us than making a quick buck by deceiving you.

Can We Make it Last Longer?

Depending on the condition of your roof, a repair may be possible to extend the life and give you time to budget and/or save for a replacement in the future. We will do our best to explain all of the options you may have to increase the life of your current roof.

One problem does not ruin an entire roof:

Leaking roofs are pretty common, but if you act quickly to take care of the issue before it becomes worse, you can save money and a lot of headaches. Left unattended, these types of issues can become quite costly; potentially even ruining furniture, insulation or sheetrock in your home that could have otherwise been saved. For a free assessment call us today and we'll get started solving this problem immediately.

Experienced Roof Repairmen:

C.L. Campbell Construction has been serving Illinois for more than 15 years with quality roof repairs. We understand the dynamics of how water infiltrates roof systems, and are experts at diagnosing roof damage and failures. Our highly trained repairmen are ready to take care of whatever issue your roof might have, so call today for a free estimate.


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