PVC Membranes

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PVC Roof Systems:

PVC Roofing Systems are thermoplastic roof membranes with excellent stress-reducing properties. Many qualify as cool roofs that help maintain the integrity of your roof while saving on heating and cooling costs.

Expansion and Contraction:

Roofs are constantly being exposed to extreme temperatures throughout the day. This puts a lot of stress on roofing material, which expands during hot times and shrinks in cooler weather. PVC Roof systems take this punishment with ease because they have welded seams that expand and contract equally with the rest of the membrane! These roofs rarely pop seams or create leaks because of how strong these joints are compared to regular sheet metal used for your standard roof system.

Save Money on Cooling:

PVC Roofing can reduce summer cooling costs for homeowners and large warehouses alike. PVC roof membranes work to reflect most of the sun's rays away from your building, allowing you your building to be more efficient, creating a cooler environment during hot months. Contact C.L. Campbell Construction for a free estimate on your next cool PVC Roofing System.


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