Low-Slope Roofing

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Commercial Low-Slope Roofing:

Low-Slope roofing systems are one of the most complex to install and maintain. Due to the varying rooftop equipment that may be on your low-slope roof, we highly recommend that you hire an experienced roofing contractor who knows how to install multiple systems. This means you can potentially have more than one option to fit your budget and long-term plans.

C.L. Campbell Construction is one of Illinois' most experienced contractors, and we are here to install the roof that your building needs to protect it.

Low-Slope Roof Reflectivity:

The importance and benefits of cool, reflective roofs cannot be overstated. A dark roof sitting in the sun all day absorbs that heat and transfers to the the inside of the building. A cool roof system has the ability to reflect heat away from your structure which makes your building more energy efficient and takes the load off of air conditioners. The potential energy savings alone can offset the cost of your new roof. Ask us more about the Cool Roof Systems we offer.



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